About Us

BLUSH® Boot Camp opened in October of 2018. Founded with a goal of empowering women through fitness, our gym offers women from all walks of life, results-driven workouts, free nutritional support, free babysitting, free mindset coaching and a sense of sisterhood.

Ultimately, our goal is to make women stronger mentally and physically. We strive to foster a sense of community and create a space where members can enjoy themselves while working towards their goals. The way we see it, your fitness journey is about so much more than quickly squeezing in a daily workout.

Each and every aspect of our boot camp was designed with your comfort in mind. Our decor is elegant but inspiring, and we have specialized foam turf flooring that’s gentle on the joints. When you’re looking for a welcoming and empowering fitness center, you’ve come to the right place.


 With our advanced heart rate monitoring system, we have designed a BLUSH® zone that will not only burn the maximum amount of calories, but will have you leaving with a glowing, BLUSHING face.  

You can’t fake a BLUSH®! You will know if your workout was the best it could have been, if you are BLUSHING when you leave!  When you have pushed yourself beyond your limits, your face will BLUSH® and tell the story of the hard work you just put in. The  BLUSH® zone describes a way of life that we want our women to lead, not only in our boot camp sessions, but in your everyday life. We want you to live your life like you’re always BLUSHING and keep pushing yourself to be a better person, mother, wife, etc! 

Weekly BLUSHING Breakdown

Every week, we provide 7 days of brand new workouts, so even if you’re here for 8 years, you won’t do the same workout twice!

Why is that important?

This is why it’s important, if you keep the same workout over and over again, you’ll hit that dreadful plateau where you’ll stop seeing progress and lose motivation. The workouts are always full-body, but every day will have a different focus point, so one day it might be more focused on your legs and butt, the next day is back and arms, and so forth.

You’ll receive this BLUSHING Breakdown via email and it’ll be posted on our private Facebook pages for our members.


BLUSHING is 40% more prominent in women when compared to men, so embrace it!! 

BLUSHING has also been proven to make your skin look younger and healthier.

Studies have shown that people who BLUSH® are viewed as more trustworthy and strong because they are showing their true emotions through their BLUSHING face.  

Human beings are the only known species on the planet (and earth is a big place!) to BLUSH®.

“BLUSHING is the most peculiar and the most human of all expressions.” -Charles Darwin


At BLUSH® Boot Camp, our goal is to empower women to lead happy, healthy lives. With this in mind, we offer free nutritional counseling for members of our boot camp. With our team of fitness and nutrition experts on your side, staying healthy and fit is easier than you thought.


Once you join BLUSH® boot camp, we will want to meet with you individually, once a month. During these balance meetings, we will discuss mindset, nutrition, progress and how to balance your time with everything life is throwing at you. We understand that you’re busy, we do, but one of the most useful tools in keeping a healthy lifestyle is balancing your time efficiently and that’s what we plan to help you do.


As an innovative studio, we pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive approach to fitness and overall wellness. Exercise is a vital part of a healthy life, but you can’t out-train a bad diet. With our dual exercise and nutritional program, you get the knowledge and tools you need to reach your fitness goals and achieve balance in all areas of your life.

Our services are available to all members of the public regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

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