“I have never been one to enjoy working out. It was always something I knew I should do but it was more of a chore. After I had my second child, I knew I needed to do something to get in better shape for myself and to keep up with my kids. When I signed up I never imagined that I would have the success I have had and so quickly. The weight loss has been exciting but what I am more proud of is the ability to push myself to work harder, lift more, and keep coming back!

Since starting at BLUSH® my entire attitude on fitness has changed. I enjoy my workouts and miss them when I am not able to make it to class. The trainers and owner are wonderful and encouraging of my fitness goals and genuinely want to help me reach those goals. The other woman are so supportive and it is fun seeing our progress and to encourage each other during workouts.”

— Lauren B.

“Joining BLUSH® Boot Camp has been such an awesome experience and I have nothing but great things to say about the trainers, the program, and the women who work out there! Working out in a group atmosphere has been the key to me being able to reach my fitness goals. The energy brought to class by everyone makes it fun and the time just flys by! I’m looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with BLUSH®!”

— Kyla

BLUSH® Bootcamp is a welcoming environment for women of all ages and levels of fitness. This is my first experience in an all-Women’s gym and it has been life changing. Everyone is cheering each other on, pushing us to do our best, and pushing us to do more. Exercise has always been a part of my life, but not always a priority as a busy full-time working Mom. I am now EXCITED to wake up (at 4:20 A.M.) to go to the gym and workout with my tribe. They make it fun, keep me accountable, and most of all help me reach my goals.

Missy, the head trainer, is fabulous! Even though we workout in a group setting, she will individualize the workout for you. She will help you with weights or modify any move you are having trouble with. Her energy is contagious and her smile is welcoming. Making myself and my fitness a priority has changed me from the inside out. I have BLUSH® Bootcamp to thank for that.”

— Ashley Harding

“I walked into BLUSH® Boot Camp for the first time in January, with my 3 kids in tow, and no idea what to expect. I was warmly greeted and assured it was no problem for me to drop my kids off in the kids club. I was instantly hooked! I truely love everything about BLUSH® Boot Camp and while losing weight was my goal, I could have never imagined what I would gain!! The community, friendships, confidence, motivation, and strength (both physically and mentally) are priceless. Since joining BLUSH® Boot Camp a couple months ago, my body has transformed! I’ve lost about 6lbs and I am SIGNIFICANTLY stronger!! At the beginning I couldn’t do a push up, now I am doing chin-ups, wall handstands, lifting heavier and heavier weights, and rallying the troops to join 5k obstacle courses!! Everyone at BLUSH® Boot Camp is so friendly and motivating. From the trainers and owners, to each of my fellow “BLUSHing Beauties”. My kids love seeing their friends they’ve made in the Kids Club and pretending like they are “helping” Missy teach class! I am so grateful for everything BLUSH® has given me and I can’t imagine my life without it!”

— Annie Williams

“I have never been someone that works out or is athletic. I have been gaining and losing weight for years but never able to keep it off. I had been in a serious winter funk this last year and kept seeing this ad on Facebook for BLUSH® boot Camp. I would look at the page here and there and these ladies in these pictures were normal looking moms/ladies that I felt like I could relate to. It didn’t seem intimidating like these big gyms where everyone is super fit and you feel stupid going to if you are out of shape. I was very scared to go but emailed BLUSH® and was set up for my free class. I went and it was not terrible so I signed up for a 6 week program. Now I absolutely love working out. It is the thing I do for myself. I joined this gym and have met some of the nicest, most encouraging, motivating women I have ever met. The trainer, Missy, is one of the most phenomenal women I have ever met. I love going to her class. She is truly doing what she should be. She is so motivating and makes you feel like you can do anything. She pushes you to be your best. The ladies in class I truly consider my friends. During class we push each other and encourage each other. Outside of class we are making plans and a bunch of us are going to be doing a 5K obstacle course in June. I never thought I would be doing stuff like this or having muscles. But I am and I love it and couldn’t be more thankful that I found BLUSH®.

The first picture is of my maybe second class at BLUSH® at the end of November and the other is of me at the beginning of March. So basically in about 3 months I have toned and got some muscles! I feel so much better physically and mentally. My clothes fit better and I feel better about myself. I cannot say enough about this place and all these ladies I have met.”

— Samantha Brenner

“After having my first baby, I knew I needed something motivating to get me healthy and back in shape. I joined BLUSH® Boot Camp and immediately I felt at home and knew this was the place for me. I never felt judged, and the trainers and other women were SO encouraging! After just 6 short weeks I was down 12lbs and 5% body fat! I haven’t felt this strong since playing college volleyball!! I’m so thankful for this amazing gym & look forward to continue working on my strength and health with BLUSH®!”

— Caitlin Peters

“Down 12 lbs and 5 % body fat!!! I started working out again at 5 weeks postpartum at BLUSH® Bootcamp, and I’ve seen a total change in my body. I’ve lost weight, my energy levels are better, and I am a lot stronger! I get so excited for the workouts everyday, and love the support I get not only from the trainers, but also from the other members! The workouts are different every day, and the trainers are amazing! BLUSH® Bootcamp has made me a healthier and stronger person!!!”

— Hillary Castaneda

“Hi my name is Stacey. I joined BLUSH® boot camp May 1, 2019. I did my first class May 2, 2019. I was so nervous. I had 3 kids back to back. They’re almost 5. 4 in December and a 2 year old in October. There 17 months and 21 months apart. I was over weight. Tried everything at home and I know I needed a change. I had a friend that was going and talking about how she loved it so I emailed Maxwell… no joke when I meant him I told him that I would probably die cuz it’s been 5+ years since I seen a gym or worked out… and that I was to fat to do this… I have a huge fear of working out with people or in front of people. Believe me I’ve paid for two gym memberships and never used them… but I did it. I didn’t even do the free two week trial i just joined for the 18 months for several reasons. 1) I was sick of looking at myself in mirrors… I didn’t want full body photos with my kids. I just hated how fat I was. 2) they offered day care which was my biggest excuse as to why I never went to the gym since I’m a stay at home mom with a Husband who works a ton of hours.. 3) This one may bring tears to some… I lost my grandpa and uncle tragically in a house fire in February doctors won’t give you depression medicine if you aren’t already on them so you don’t mask your emotions.. I wasn’t having great thought… I won’t lie… I knew I needed an outlet and a reason to get out of bed. I love my children to death but it was a struggle to get out of bed every day… I didn’t want them to touch me or anything. Joining BLUSH® has helped me tremendously. I’m not healed I have bad days. Like today I’ve spent a huge amount of it crying and that’s ok. It will be ok. But if I didn’t do something for ME I don’t know what would have happened. So all you moms I’m telling you do this for YOU! You deserve it! And it’s self healing to have something for you. Fast forward two weeks after I joined I hurt my knee finally have my MRI on Sunday to see if I tore anything. I thought I’d have to quit and I was struggling. I’m so thankful for Terri and Missy. Those two have been a life savor seriously. They have modified all of the work outs I can’t do. I’m there Monday through Friday. I didn’t start keeping track of inches before I started. I started 2 weeks after and it’s been 4.5 weeks and I’m proud to say I’m down 16.75 inches and a total of 13.4 lbs!!! Crazy to think what I’m actually down. I’m posting a picture I took with my Husband in Jamaica… don’t mind my breastfeeding boobs. But when we got home I put that dress in the back of our closet and I haven’t looked at it nor tried it on since. I was curious and so I tried it on today… all the hard work speaks for itself!!! I don’t look 9 months pregnant anymore even tho I wasn’t pregnant!! Don’t let an injury give up your goals!!! They will help you and get you through it. I’m still killing it!! I’m still dropping inches!!! I’m having people message me asking what I’m doing. I have family telling me how skinny I look. All my clothes are to big. It may take time but changes happen sometimes quicker than you realize. It’s hard work but it’s soooo worth it!!! Thank you so much for offering a gym just for women and being affordable. And thank you to the trainers for modifying everything so I don’t have to be fat anymore!!!”

— Stacey

BLUSH® BOOTCAMP is the most welcoming, inspiring and FUN gym I’ve ever joined! Before joining, I went to another gym in town but couldn’t make myself consistently go to the classes. In fact, I dreaded going. But once I started coming to BLUSH®, I was instantly welcomed and have made it to class 4-5 times a week. The head trainer, Missy, knows everyone’s name and makes you feel so comfortable. She welcomes you to class and treats you like you belong there.

I started my weight loss journey in October but didn’t join BLUSH® until February. I’ve always been active and worked out, but couldn’t get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (my kids are 6 and 4). While my actual weight loss is slow, my “non scale victories” are great! Less jiggle, less cellulite, much stronger and my clothes are getting too big! Every time I wear these pants, I take a pic as a comparison. I’m currently down 13lbs since Oct! Thanks to all of you at BLUSH® that push me to get better!”

— Ashley McBride Callow

“6 weeks ago I finally decided I needed a life change. It has not been easy for me. Seeing these before pics depressed me. Seeing my 6 week results make me feel a bit better. Down 12lbs and 5% body fat. Thank you to Missy Wilt and BLUSH® Boot Camp!”

-Megan Town

Look at this amazing transformation in just 6 weeks!! We’re so happy for you and we’re honored that you chose us to be a part of your fitness journey! 

“You guys, I was sure I wasn’t going to make it but today, my last day of the 6 week challenge, I hit 22.5% body fat. I started six weeks ago at 27.6%. I couldn’t be happier! Huge thanks to Missy and Shannon for getting me here and to all of you. The BLUSH® community is incredible.

I feel fantastic. I have loads more energy. I went from 40 mg a day of antidepressant down to 10 mg. My life has changed in hugely positive ways and it’s because of you all!”

—Kelly Winzer

“The picture on the left was June 12th and the picture on the right was taken this morning (August 8th). I wasn’t even at my heaviest in the picture on the left. All I can say is I am so incredibly thankful for this gym and this huge group of ladies who are so welcoming and will help push you so you don’t give up!! I’m finally 10 pounds away from my first goal weight! Thankful that with my knee hurt I am still able to make the progress that I am making. Thank you to everyone for always pushing me!!!!”

Michele Ficklin

“Today I turn 35. Aging has always given me anxiety. The “it’s all downhill from here” and “that ship has sailed” mentality has taken up space in my mind. I’m so thankful for BLUSH® Boot Camp for proving me wrong. At 35, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, my mind is clearer and I’ve certainly got a LOT more friends now I love you girls! Thank you for always encouraging and supporting each other. This sisterhood is unlike any other, I believe that.”

Kelsie Fell

“I remember being so nervous to walk into BLUSH® Bootcamp for the first time! I was drawn in by all of the pictures I saw on Facebook, but I was also really intimidated. I had my doubts and felt like I’d “tried everything.” I am a 38 year old mom of 3, and had been struggling with my weight for nearly all of my 30’s especially after quitting smoking 5 years ago and having another baby. I started to accept being out of shape and overweight as just “getting older” and had accepted this new normal but was very unhappy and depressed about my body every time I shopped for clothes or had an event I had to dress nice for.

I wanted to change, and I felt like things needed to change… but I never found a fit at other gyms. I’ve always felt weird about working out with men, so the “No Boys Allowed” concept of BLUSH® made things a lot more comfortable for me to want to give it a try. Another thing about BLUSH® that was a big deal for me is the babysitting! I knew that I wasn’t realistically going to be consistent if I wasn’t able to bring my daughter with me and feel comfortable that she was well cared for so I could concentrate on working out. The supportive and inclusive environment at BLUSH® removed every barrier or excuse I’ve had for YEARS when it came to finally doing this for myself. When I look in the mirror now, I honestly can’t believe how much BLUSH® changed my life! I am down FIVE jeans sizes and I feel motivated to work out 5 or 6 days a week. I have more confidence and energy to do fun things with my spouse and kids, I sleep better at night, and for the first time in my entire adult life, I’m having FUN when I go shopping for clothes!!!”

—Sarah Sefton

“My name is Anna and I’m 36 years old. I started working out at BLUSH® in August 2019. A good friend of mine had been going for some time and she absolutely loved it. She was seeing results so I knew it had to be the real deal. Well let me tell you, it is!

Let’s rewind back to my earlier years. I was extremely active growing up. I played soccer, softball, tennis, and ran track. As the years passed, I began struggling with my weight. And after I had children, it only got worse. Being a mom is extremely challenging. You must have balance. I did not. I always put my kids and husband first. I didn’t care about my health or well being. Then BLUSH® came into my life. It took me a while, but I came to the realization that my life does matter! I’ve learned to better take care of myself so I can be the best mommy and wife I know how to be. BLUSH® has literally changed my life! I have more confidence. I am happier in my own skin and I love the results I’m seeing. In 7 months, I’ve lost 25 lbs and several inches. I’ve gained strength and endurance and a passion for working out. Before BLUSH®, I always felt lost at the gym. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing. And I felt like people stared and silently judged me. Now I don’t dread gym days. I look forward to working out with my gal pals and that’s something that I’ve never found in any gym. I’ve developed life long friendships with some pretty amazing people. BLUSH® is a community of awesome women that promotes self love. And I’m finally learning to love myself again. Thank you BLUSH® for giving me my life back! And a huge shout out to Missy for believing in me and being my daily inspiration.”


“My first day at BLUSH® was in June 2019. I was extremely overweight, had high blood pressure, and was depressed. One day a friend told me about BLUSH®. I had been overweight for most of my adult life. I had tried every other weight loss program around and failed. I decided to go, but I honestly didn’t expect this to work either. I expected the trainers to be annoyed with me and for the other women to look down on me. I expected to fail. BLUSH® was nothing that I had expected and everything that I needed.

Missy was so attentive to me during my first class. She made sure everything was modified for me and was so kind and encouraging. At first, she was the reason I came back. I just wanted to be around her spirit and her energy. Then I started building relationships with the other women. This was the game-changer for me. I started wanting to go, not just to be around Missy but to see my new friends. These women have changed my life.

Throughout the year, Missy provided nutritional support for me, and during the March/April closure, BLUSH® provided workouts and encouraged distance interaction between members. I stayed with my workouts from home and kept in contact with the women of BLUSH®. I continued to make progress during a time that the old me would have used as an excuse to quit. I’ve lost 40 pounds and 30 inches. More importantly, fitness is now part of my everyday life, and I haven’t felt this good in years. I still have a long way to go, but I know that I am going to get there. Instead of just focusing on the finish line and getting discouraged, I am learning to love the journey. I’ve finally found my tribe!”

—Julie Dawson

“I’m so thankful that I found BLUSH®! I’ve never been huge into working out and have found gyms intimidating. But it’s the exact opposite at BLUSH®. The owners, trainers, and members are all so welcoming, supportive, and encouraging to everyone. It’s truly a sisterhood where we all push each other to keep going, meet our goals, and become better versions of ourselves. A few months after I joined, I found out I was pregnant. My OB gave me the green light to keep coming, and it was such a great way to keep active. Missy, the head trainer, was an expert at giving me modifications for anything that wasn’t safe to do. She made sure I always got a killer workout, even if it was a little different than everyone else. Because of her, I was able (and motivated) to keep coming to my entire pregnancy, and it made this delivery and recovery the easiest out of all 4 of my kids. I can’t say enough great things about this amazing place, and I am looking forward to continuing to improve my strength and health with BLUSH®!”

—Carly Bade

“There aren’t many words that can explain how much I needed BLUSH® in my life. I had my 3rd baby in January and I was feeling lost. I was loving motherhood and my babies, but so down about everything else. Mainly down on myself.

I was part of a gym before I had my little guy, but I only went twice a week and even that felt forced. I had watched a few people talk about BLUSH® and had looked into it, but it took a little extra kick to commit. My friend Sarah tagged me in a post about online quarantine training. I decided to take the leap and try this new gym. All of the workouts were online via Facebook and Zoom. Such a strange way to start a new routine.

I met with the head trainer, Missy, online, and felt an immediate connection. You might think it is strange unless you know Missy. I felt like I was part of something right from the start. I didn’t know how much I needed BLUSH® until that first workout. I completed the Zoom workout and my mood changed in an instant. And not just my mood right then, but my mood every day. I felt like me again. Like a human, not just a mom or housewife. I came back the next day and the day after that. I worked out online 26 of the next 30 days. It is crazy the community that BLUSH® has built. I felt like I knew so many of the ladies just through our online workouts and group.

When the gym opened, I was nervous but ready. I showed up and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Missy told me from the start to let the girls surround me and to cling onto that. I did just that and the connections I made and continue to make our life long. I feel included. I feel seen. I feel a purpose. The trainers care and want to see me improve. And not just in the gym, but in life. This might all sound cliche, but it is so true BLUSH® is life-changing. In my first 60 days, I have found friends, family, and myself again. I’ve also learned to have a healthier relationship with the scale. I’ve lost several inches and my clothes are fitting again!! I’ve also gained a confidence I didn’t know existed.

These women and this pink gym have changed my life and I cannot wait to continue this journey with them!!!”

— Kaitlin Risley

Here I was on the verge of turning 30 in just a few short months, mom and bonus mom to a total of 4 growing kids, and at my heaviest most unhealthy self. People had been making remarks over the gradual gain of weight over the years and something always stuck with me, “its ok she’s just comfortable with her self and life”, but I wasn’t. I couldn’t keep up with my family, I was exhausted, had no energy, anxiety and depression were just about to consume all that was left of me. I had a gym membership for a while but felt uncomfortable and ignorant not knowing what I should be doing so I usually walked on the treadmill watching TV. I knew that wasn’t what I needed. I joined an online only fitness group paid the first month dues saw the workouts online, did it maybe 5 times in a month.

Then there it was the sign was right in front of my face. Sarah Sefton who I had known not only was a BLUSH® member but had taken the jump to begin working for the company as well. I sent her a text and asked if I could come try because I needed something. She set it all up and my first day was January 2nd, 2020 at 5am in the morning (ugh). That day I woke up at 430am to start a new normal… nope I wasn’t my mind said nope this isn’t for you you’re not going. I text Sarah and said I’m so sorry I’m not coming, this is not my thing I don’t know what to do this just isn’t for me thanks anyway. Sarah text me back saying something to the effect of you can do this and so much more come try I will be here for you. It took me a bit as I sat already dressed and ready to walk out the door. Okay I will come I guess I have nothing to lose and if not today then when. I got in the car and showed up and did the thing. I left and came back the next day at 5 am, finished the class and signed a contract, there was no turning back now. I had just committed to do something for myself by myself for the first time in a very long time.

The same time I signed up BLUSH® boot camp LS was starting a 6 week challenge for members. So I said why not, I weighed in at 231lbs with a body fat of 48.9%… wow.. 6 weeks later I won that contest and had lost a total of 7% body fat. It was in this moment I realized the scale is a liar. I was down in body fat, down 2 jean sizes but up in pounds on the scale. At that point I hit the ground running!

I have been with BLUSH® boot camp 8 months now, through quarantine at that, I am at 211lbs and 38.1% body fat. That is a total of 20lbs lost and 10.8% body fat lost as well as 18.5inches off my body. No fad diets, pills, wraps, or anything crazy. Just a lot of hard work. I have a tribe of women I call best friends that come from all walks of life and are truly the best women. I have a place that is mine. I go to balance meetings with Missy every 4-6weeks and come up with new goals to conquer. BLUSH® is my escape. BLUSH® is my happy hour. BLUSH® is my therapy. BLUSH® helps me to be a better mom, wife, & friend. I will yell the praises of what BLUSH® has brought to me to the mountains and beyond!

– Kaci

BLUSH® Boot Camp was literally a dream come true for me.  We watched as they built the building that houses BLUSH®. I remember saying to my husband “how great would it be if they put a gym in that building”. As soon as the banner went up I was frantically trying to figure out how, when, where do I get signed up!! I have been here since day 1!! To say this is one of my favorite places on the planet is such a HUGE understatement!!

BLUSH® has changed my life in SO many ways!! I’m toner, leaner and stronger than I have been my entire life. I am a 50 year old mother of 5 and grandmother of 6!! Ladies it is possible to achieve your fitness and health goals. I am proof!! I remember my doctor telling me that weight gain during menopause is just a fact of life…LIES, all lies!! At my heaviest I was 213 pounds and today I am 145 pounds STRONG!! I am in the best shape of my life and I have BLUSH® to thank for my transformation!! 

Now let’s talk about this amazing gym full of women ONLY. In 10 short months I have made some incredible friendships. A group of women empowering women, lifting each other up and cheering each other on!! The best girl gang around!!!

– Robin Winkler

When I saw the BLUSH® boot camp ad for the first time on Facebook, I was intrigued. Mainly because it’s women only. I assumed it would be a lot less intimidating being women only, and it is!! Little did I know when I signed up that I’d meet new friends, have support and people cheering you on and pushing you but it’s revamped my whole life. I look forward to my workouts everyday (sounds crazy, right?) and when I take a day off, I miss the gym! I love the way I feel after those endorphins kick in and give me a boost all day! 8 months in and I’m hooked! I’m stronger, leaner, and more confident than I was before! I set new goals to crush and have the encouragement from other to meet them!

– Robyn Priest

BLUSH® Bootcamp is everything I have been looking for my whole life to not sound cheesy. I have worked out and played sports most of my life on and off but have never really found a place I felt comfortable or enjoyed like I do here. I feel at home when I walk in the door and enjoy my morning group of girls and the motivation and encouragement I get from them keeps me going. Losing weight is what I have always been chasing after my whole life it has been a constant battle within myself. I finally found a place that I could focus on myself and learn that it isn’t about losing weight and being skinny, though losing is exciting and an added bonus, it is about being strong, learning how to overcome obstacles, and believe in yourself. I am so lucky I found this amazing place to call home & love BLUSH®! It truly is one of the best things I have done for myself. It’s my favorite hour of the day! This is how we BLUSH® :)

– Angela VanMeter

Our services are available to all members of the public regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

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